Security of Online Platform

We take online security very seriously. In this section, we describe the measures we take to protect your information and also list some simple practices that you should follow to help ensure that security is not compromised and attempts at fraud are minimised.

Access to Online Platform

Access to GAM’s online platform is controlled through three levels of security:


i-Your username

ii-Your password

iii-Your security phrase


If you have lost or forgotten your username,  password or security phrase, you will need to contact us by email or by calling +350 200 75181. If we need to re-issue your login details we will only do this by email and only to your email address previously registered with us.

GAM’s online platform is provided by a secure connection.

What you can do

To ensure that your personal details and financial information remain safe, make sure you follow these simple procedures and practices.

1) Keep your username, password and security phrase private and never disclose them to anyone else.

2) Change your password periodically - you can do this easily with GAM’s online platform.

3) Log out after each use of GAM’s online platform.

4) Be careful when using computers in public places or with public computers or with public wireless network connections.

5) Watch out for fraudulent emails that look as though they come from GAM. They will ask you for personal information and/or redirect you to a site that asks for your security details. Do not respond to these.

6) Ensure that you are logging on to our secure site by accessing it through the GAM website.

7) Make sure your computer has up-to-date anti-virus software installed and maintained.

8) Maintain a firewall on your computer. This will protect your computer from unauthorised access.

9) Keep your computer software up to date.

10) Be alert for scams. They may involve someone masquerading as a GAM employee and trying to deceive you into parting with money. If you suspect fraud is being conducted, please contact us via email to or by calling +350 200 75181.