Research for 2011

FTSE 100 Options


Please find the FTSE 100 options we are recommending this month. [...]

Core Defensive - Pharmaceuticals


With the market at its current level and entering the traditional lacklustre summer months, we are relatively cautious on shares in the short-term and are favouring defensive stocks in general given that: 1) their current outperformance is relatively modest; 2) seasonal trends come into play (defe [...]

Nationwide 7.971% (callable 13/03/15) PIB


Please read our note on an A- rated Permanent Interest Bearing Security ("PIB") with a yield to call of 6.74% along with a guide to the PIBS market. Issued by Nationwide, the UK's largest building society with assets of circa £200bn, we recommend this to investors with a medium attitude to risk who [...]