GAM is committed to act in the best interest of our customers at all times. Giving customers a fair deal underlies the services we provide.

In our dealings with you, we endeavour to:

i-treat you fairly and assure you that fair treatment of our customers is embedded in our corporate culture

ii-place your interests first

iii-be open and transparent

iv-communicate clearly

v-notify you of our charges in advance

vi-handle complaints promptly and fairly

vii-ensure our staff are adequately trained


These following policies bolster our commitment to treating customers fairly:

Conflicts of Interest Policy

This aims to ensure that when we have, or may have a conflict of interest between ourselves and our customer, or between one customer and another customer, we will pay due regard to the interests of each customer and manage the conflict of interest fairly.

Order Execution Policy

GAM always strives to obtain the best possible result on behalf of our clients when executing orders or receiving and transmitting orders for execution.


Inducements, Personal Gifts and Benefits Policy

The observance of protocol on giving or accepting gifts, ensuring there is no conflict with duties owed by the Company.







Complaints Policy

We have a written complaints procedure that complies with the requirement of the FSC Rules for the handling of client complaints, which requires responding and dealing with client complaints promptly and fairly.

Privacy Policy

This governs the proper custody of sensitive client data.