Investment Managers

GAM is able to provide investment managers with a dedicated and local service, including:

  • Local dealing desk covering equities, fixed interest, commodities, futures, options, FX & CFDs
  • Competitive commission and custody rates* with no minimum account size or ‘minimum’
  • Simple and fast account opening process
  • Online dealing (UK equities, derivatives & FX)/online access
  • Efficient and local operational support
  • A premier custodial service
  • Access to complimentary research
  • White-Labelled Service **

*Transactions fees are a flat 0.25% for equities and fixed interest, subject to a minimum of £45. Execution fees are higher for non Pan-European and US securities, dependent upon the country. An additional transaction fee applies to non-CREST eligible securities e.g.Euroclear & DTC=£50, Australia=£70 & Hong Kong=£105.

 Custody fees are a flat £120 p.a. (plus £60 for each overseas currency account) and typically 12bps p.a. for most overseas securities not CREST eligible.


** 1.GAM provides its service to “XYZ Limited”.

    2.GAM sets up a trading name “XYZ Markets” and the contract notes/valuations are branded with the name and logo of “XYZ Markets”. At the bottom, it states “XYZ Markets is a trading name of Gibraltar Asset Management Limited”.

    3.XYZ Limited has their client complete GAM’s account opening documentation, which is branded in the name of XYZ Markets. This can be then speedily approved by GAM’s compliance department the same day.

    4.The underlying client is charged dealing commission and custody fees as per XYZ Market’s rate card. GAM monthly passes the difference between this and what we charge the investment manager monthly.