Glossary of Terms

  • T+

    The term T+ is used to denote the settlement date of any given trade, where T stands for trading day and the number represents how many days after the purchase or sale the trade settles.
  • Takeover

    The acquisition of one business or company by another.
  • Tender Offer

    An offer to purchase some or all of shareholders shares in the company in which they have a holding. The price offered is usually at a premium to the market price.
  • Touch

    The best buying and selling prices available on the stock exchange in a given security at any one time.
  • Trade Date

    The date on which an order to buy or sell a security is executed.
  • Transfer Form

    If you sell a share for which you have the holding in certificated form, you will need to complete a transfer form - a CREST Transfer Form for trades settling in CREST or a Stock Transfer Form for trades executed off the London Stock Exchange.