Fund Fees

Below is a list of funds that Gibraltar Asset Management Limited regularly recommends. They are all traded on the London Stock Exchange with tight spreads and can be bought and sold throughout the trading day. There are no subscription or exit fees levied by the fund management companies. The only cost related to buying and selling (bar stamp duty on some investment trust purchases) is the dealing commission levied by ourselves, as per our rate card. 

The funds themselves have investment management and custody fees, which are reflected in the Total Expense Ratio (TER). The TER is expressed as a percentage and represents the annual cost of holding the fund, which is deducted from the fund's assets. As an example, the Vanguard All-World ETF has a TER of 0.25%. A £10,000 investment in this fund will cost the shareholder £25 annually.

Equities                                               Symbol   TER    Note
Vanguard All-World ETF                       VWRL      0.25% Exposure to companies from developed and emg countries
iShares MSCI World £ Hedged ETF     IGWD      0.55% Diversified exposure to developed companies, hedged back to GBP Perpetual Income & Growth         PLI          0.60% Investment Trust investing in global blue-chips
iShares FTSE 100 ETF                        ISF          0.07% Targeted exposure to the 100 largest UK stocks 
Dunedin Income Growth                      DIG          0.62%  Investment Trust investing in UK blue-chips 
iShares UK Dividend ETF                    IUKD       0.40%  Exposure to 50 FTSE 350 companies with the highest yields 
iShares FTSE 250 ETF                        MIDD       0.40%  Direct investment into 250 UK mid-cap companies 
iShares MSCI UK Small CAP ETF       CUKS      0.58%  Direct investment in small capitalisation companies
iShares S&P 500 ETF                        IUSA         0.40% Direct investment in 500 leading US companies 
iShares S&P 500 £ Hedged ETF IGUS         0.45% Exposure to 500 leading US companies, hedged back to GBP 
iShares S&P SmallCap 600 ETF ISP6          0.40% Direct investment in 600 small capitalisation US companies 
iShares Eurostoxx 50 ETF                   EUE        0.35% Direct investment into the 50 largest Eurozone companies
iShares Europe ex-UK £ Hedged ETF EUXS     0.40% Diversified exposure to European companies, hedged back to GBP 
iShares EuroStoxx Mid ETF                 DJMC    0.40% Direct investment into mid capitalisation Eurozone companies 
iShares Eurostoxx Small ETF               DJSC    0.40% Direct investment into small capitalisation Eurozone companies
iShares Core MSCI Japan ETF           SJPA      0.20% Exposure to Japanese large, mid and small cap companies 
iShares MSCI Japan £ Hedged ETF   IJPH       0.64% Diversified exposure to Japanese companies, hedged to GBP 
iShares MSCI Japan Small Cap ETF  ISJP       0.58% Direct investment in small capitalisation Japanese companies 
Asia Pacific 
iShares Asia Pacific Dividend ETF        IAPD      0.59% Exposure to 30 Asia Pacific companies with the highest yields 
iShares Far East Small Cap ETF          ISFE      0.74% Direct investment into broad range of small caps from East Asia
Emerging Markets 
iShares Emerging Mkts Dividend ETF SEDY      0.65%  Exposure to 100 emerging markets companies with the highest yields 
iShares Gbl Sustainability Screen ETF IGSG    0.60% Gbl companies screened for economic, environmental and social 
iShares MSCI Emg Mkt SRI ETF ($)     SUSM   0.35% EM companies screened for environmental, social & governance 
iShares MSCI Europe SRI ETF ($)       IESE      0.30% European cos screened for environmental, social & governance 
iShares Global Clean Energy ETF         INRG    0.65% Exposure to 30 global clean energy companies 
iShares Global Water ETF                     IH20    0.65%  Exposure to 50 global companies related to water businesses 
Alternatives                                          Symbol   TER  Note
ETFS Physical Precious Metals Basket PHPP 0.44% Exposure to basket of precious metals (gold, silver & palladium) 
Gold Bullion Securities                           GBSS 0.40%  Exposure to physical gold 
ETFS Physical Silver                              PHSP 0.49% Exposure to physical silver
General Financial 
Carador Income Fund                            CIFU    1.86% Invested in secured loans to US & European companies
Alternative Energy 
John Laing Environmental Assets Grp   JLEN    1.00%  Investment Trust invested in wind, solar, waste & water projects 
Impax Environmental Markets                IEM       1.13% Investment Trust invested in clean energy, water & waste coys
iShares UK Property ETF                       IUKP      0.40% Direct investment into listed real estate companies and REITS 
Regional REIT                                        RGL       0.00% Real Estate Investment Trust investing in UK regional offices 
NewRiver REIT                                       NRR      0.00% Real Estate Investment Trust investing in UK shopping centres 
TR Property                                            TRY       0.76% Invests in listed Pan-European real estate companies


Global Infrastucture 
iShares Global Infrastructure ETF           INFR      0.65% Direct investment into 100 intl infrastructure companies
Fixed Interest                                         Symbol  TER    Note
Government Bonds - UK
iShares Core UK Gilts ETF                       IGLT      0.20% Diversified exposure to UK government bonds 
iShares UK Gilts UK 0-5yr ETF                 IGLS     0.20% Targeted exposure to short term UK government bonds 
iShares £ Index-Linked Gilt ETF                INXG     0.25% Targeted exposure to inflation-linked government bonds
Government Bonds - Emerging Markets
iShares Emg Mkts Local Gov Bond ETF    SEML    0.50% Exposure to local ccy emerging market government bonds
Corporate Bonds - Global 
iShares Gbl HY Corp Bond £ Hedged        GYHS     0.55% Diversified exposure to high yield bonds, hedged to GBP
Corporate Bonds - UK 
iShares Core £ Corporate Bond ETF          SLXX      0.20% Exposure to sterling investment-grade corporates 
iShares iBoxx £ Corp Bond Ex-Fin              ISXF       0.20% Diversified exposure to non-financial corporate bonds
iShares £ Corporate Bond 0-5yr ETF          IS15       0.20% Diversified exposure to short term GBP corporate bonds 
iShares £ Ultrashort Bond ETF                   ERNS     0.09% Diversified exposure to very short maturity sterling bonds 
CVC Credit Ptnrs Euro Opps                       CCPG    1.21%  IT investing in loans, high yield bonds & structured credit 
City Merchants High Yield                            CMHY     1.02% IT investing in predominantly bonds & structured credit


Corporate Bonds - Europe 
TwentyFour Income Fund                              TFIF         0.75% IT investing in European Asset Backed Securities