Foreign Exchange

GAM's FX service is provided through access to the Currenex platform. Features of this platform include:

  • The ability to access a number of liquidity providers, including major investment banks.
  • 44 Executable Streaming Prices (ESP) forex currency pairs.
  • Ablility to single click trade.
  • Multiple order types including: market, limit, stop, stop with limit, Immediate Or Cancel (IOC), Good 'Til Cancelled (GTC), Good 'Til Date (GTD), One Cancels Other (OCO), If done, timed, partial and minimum fill size.
  • Free financial news and economic diary.
  • Comprehensive charting package with a multitude of technical studies and the ability to trade directly off charts.
  • View your account balance, profit & loss, and margin requirements for both individual and overall positions in real-time.

Trade Forex with us not against us

GAM is neither a market maker nor a proprietary trader. Therefore, prices are not affected by a proprietary trading book or a single in-house pricing model. We believe that clients should have access to a level playing field when it comes to trading forex.

Opening an Account

An account can be opened with just £2,000 with margin requirements from as low as 1% for intra day trading. Deposits can be held in multiple currencies and a telephone back-up service is also provided by our dealing desk.