Execution Only

Our execution-only dealing service is a comprehensive and efficient method to buy and sell securities. If you are comfortable making your own investment decisions, this service is for you.

Our highly professional, qualified and experienced dealing team has an excellent reputation for integrity in the markets. Their expertise in dealing in a wide range of markets and instruments can make a real difference to your returns.

Clients can be assured that they will be dealing with qualified stockbrokers who understand the investment instruments they are trading and the need for efficient execution and settlement of trades.


As a member firm of the London Stock Exchange we have direct access to the markets and provide best execution and timely execution of orders. Markets covered include:

Equities Pan-European, North American, Australian and Japanese
Fixed Interest Pan-European & US government and corporate debt
Collective Investment Schemes Investment Trusts, Unit Trusts & ETFs
Structured Products Exchange listed and OTC
Derivatives Futures, Options, CFDs & Covered Warrants
FX  Free online platform to 44 FX pairs. 1% margin

In addition, we offer Direct Market Access to the major stock exchanges.

Online Dealing

Trades may be placed via robust online dealing platforms for UK equities, derivatives and FX.

Telephone Dealing

We understand that some trades are best executed offline. That’s why we also provide a traditional telephone-based service to our clients. Whether you are undertaking complex options strategies, executing large stock trades or seeking out the best possible price in bonds and small cap markets, we have a dealing team that will cater for your execution needs.


In addition to access to our fast and efficient dealing room, you will also receive our monthly Market Commentary newsletter, which features economic commentary, investment thoughts and recommendations.

You will also receive with the same specific research on stocks, bonds, commodities etc published by GAM’s Investment Committee, which drives our investment management offering.

As a member firm of the London Stock Exchange, GAM has access to high quality research and analysis from various research institutions. If you want an opinion on a stock or investment product, we have the resources to provide one.


For those using this service we aim to:                  

  • Take and execute all orders promptly and with best execution
  • Report back trade confirmations promptly and accurately.                        
  • Keep you informed of news and monitor price movements on particular stocks, if requested  
  • Obtain up-to-date market information on request       
  • Take ‘limit’ as well as ‘market’ orders                  
  • Provide a premier custody service-no need to worry about missing paperwork or certificates
  • Provide extended settlement up to T+20