Nominee Arrangements

We do not hold client assets, rather they are held through an FCA-regulated custodian, Jarvis Investment Management Plc (“Jarvis”). Jarvis is a Member firm of the London Stock Exchange and is itself listed on the London Stock Exchange. Securities are registered in the name of Jarvis’ nominee, JIM Nominees Limited, a non-trading company that provides for the safe, secure and effective administration of clients’ investments. Jarvis does not take proprietary positions.

Advantages of our nominee service include:

1) The enabling of market transactions to be settled for standard settlement (T+2).

2) The elimination of lost share certificates which are becoming ever more costly to replace.

3) The reduction of paperwork as all correspondence, such as reports, is sent to the nominee company.

4) The automated processing of corporate actions including the collection of dividends.

Investor Protection

GAM places a strong emphasis on risk management encompassing legal, regulatory and reputational risk and compliance. Treating customers fairly is an established and fundamental component of the firm’s business culture and has been instrumental to the development of the firm’s excellent reputation amongst investors. This is evidenced by our low client turnover. GAM does not take proprietary positions.

Protection of your assets

In addition to the account protection offered to investors by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS), Jarvis provides coverage in excess of FSCS limits to our clients through Lloyd's of London. The coverage through Lloyd's of London protects FSCS eligible client assets up to a limit of £3,000,000 per event causing loss. This level of protection provides a high level of coverage, far in excess of minimum regulatory requirements, and should give you extra comfort of the safety your assets have while in custody at Jarvis.

Client Reporting

Regular reporting is an important part of our relationship with our clients. We communicate to our clients through the following media:

1) Online access
Clients can access their portfolios through our online platform, which provides daily valuations and multi-currency cash statements. Data is presented in a format that is easy to view, print and import into Microoft Excel. Multiple accounts can be linked so they are accessed from the same page.

2) Corporate actions
Ongoing notification (via telephone, email or letter) of all corporate events that occur on your holdings such as rights issues, capital reorganisations, takeovers etc. Advice on course of action is provided on request.

3) Contract notes
Contract notes are issued promptly after each transaction, either immediately via email (thus cutting down on mail and unnecessary paper) or via post the following business day.

4) Hard copy valuations
Valuations are posted to clients semi-annually for month end June and December. Discretionary investment management clients also receive a performance analysis against a suitable benchmark. Ad-hoc valuations can be produced on request.