Corporate Responsibility

We take our responsibility to the local community very seriously. This is reflected in our Corporate Responsibility programme, which is organised under four key ‘pillars’:

1) Environment

GAM is committed to reducing waste because of the environmental and cost implications. We do not see environmental concerns as negative to our business progress but complimentary. To this end we have increased our initiatives relating to electronic communication and payment to further reduce paper usage and the carbon effects of transporting documentation.

GAM has been storing its client documentation/correspondence electronically for many years and this significantly reduces wasted space and the resultant costs of rent, light and heat as well as the environmental impact of physical storage. This further supports our business continuity objectives.

2) Community

We are active supporters of many local charities and cultural events – from sailing to classical music.


We are proud corporate sponsors of the Gibraltar Philharmonic Society.


GAM has supported a number of charities and we are committed to continuing to do so. Donations have recently been made to:

2011-RiffCom, 2012-Riffcom, 2013-Gibraltar Cat Welfare Society, Childline Gibraltar


We pledge to train one local undergraduate on our summer Internship Programme each year, providing them with invaluable work experience and a leading qualification (the CISI's "International Introduction to Securities & Investments") to help them on their way to a career in finance.

Local Events

We seek to support local events and have recently taken part in:

2011-Gibraltar to Morocco Rally, Ocean Village Yacht Race, RGYC Regatta, 2012-Gibraltar to Morocco Rally, 2013-Gibraltar to Morocco Rally, 2014-Gibraltar to Morocco Rally

3) Ethics & Governance

Clients and partners can be assured of our commitment to integrity and diligence throughout the business covering financial statements, risk management, ethics, operational meetings, board approvals, remuneration policies, employee policies and operating standards.

4) People

Our success is dependent on employing people of the highest calibre and creating a work environment in which they can excel. We achieve this by:

1. Fostering an environment which enables employees to develop their skills and knowledge.

2. Establishing a clear link between their performance and their reward.

3. Ensuring our people have regular opportunities to learn about all aspects of our business.

4. Encouraging open and honest assessment of employee performance and behaviour through regular performance feedback and appraisals.


In addition, the importance of operating with integrity, openness and respect is achieved by:

1. Encouraging a working environment in which employees feel comfortable about highlighting wrong-doing and providing them with a formal procedure in which to do so.

2. Promoting an environment of equality of opportunity which is intolerant of discrimination, harassment or victimisation.

3. Maintaining healthy and safe working conditions.