Compliance Arrangements

Our compliance department is experienced and staffed by suitably qualified professionals who report to the Board of Directors. GAM monitors its business activities on a regular basis to ensure that business is conducted in accordance with the law and any applicable regulatory requirements.

Compliance monitoring does not just apply to the Compliance Officer but is a part of the normal supervisory duties of all Directors. The role of our compliance department is to provide an independent check to ensure that;

a) at an operational level controls and checks are in place;
b) that these controls are effective, and
c) where they are not effective, that the controls are strengthened.

Our compliance monitoring consists of:

Inspection or reviewing the source documentation. This includes taking a random sample and re-performing or auditing the work previously carried out. Logs of all such inspections are kept by the Compliance Officer in a centralised file.

Observation involves looking at an operation or procedure being performed by other staff to determine if it is in accordance with operational procedures.

Enquiry involves seeking information by way of interview, questionnaire or checklist from staff within the company.