Our Advisory service is aimed at investors who are looking for a steady stream of ideas and recommendations or just for someone to provide an opinion. For investors who wish to retain the final decision in making investments, this service is for you.

Free of charge

There is no additional charge for the advisory service. Only a financial questionnaire need be completed.

Tailored advice

We make recommendations based on the information provided in the financial questionnaire - your investment objectives, attitude to risk, time horizon and individual requirements.

Profitable opportunities

We aim to provide the advice clients need to improve the return on their investments - whether they are short-term traders or long-term investors. We advise clients of potential opportunities, place orders once a course of action has been agreed and monitor subsequent performance.

Scope of advice

Every advisory client is assigned a stockbroker who is there to build a relationship with you, as your trusted advisor, exchanging ideas and keeping you informed. You can discuss everything from risk management and the achievement of your investment goals to how best to buy or sell specific shares. Our stockbrokers are always on hand to point you in the right direction and help you to ensure that your portfolio meets your investment objectives and that you select the most appropriate investments for your circumstances.       

When you want to trade, you will receive all the benefits of GAM’s outstanding execution service, making sure you receive the best possible price.        


In addition to access to our fast and efficient dealing room, you will also receive our monthly Market Commentary newsletter, which features economic commentary, investment thoughts and recommendations.

You will also receive tailored research on stocks, bonds, commodities etc published by GAM’s Investment Committee, which drives our investment management offering.

As a member firm of the London Stock Exchange, GAM receives high quality research and analysis from the major investment banks on most major UK & European listed companies and even if you want an opinion on an obscure stock or investment product, we have the resources available to ensure that you won't be disappointed.

Portfolio review

GAM carries out regular reviews of all client portfolios whether advisory or discretionary to ensure that portfolio holdings are in line with each client’s investment objectives, time horizon and attitude to risk.

The disadvantage is that you have to instruct all decisions, which for those with busy lives may not be possible. For this reason, more and more clients elect for our Discretionary service.